The Rules and Code of Conduct serves as a guide for everyone to ensure safety and a fun learning environment for everyone!

The martial arts have a long standing tradition based on respect, self-discipline, and common courtesy. The following rules will be enforced:

Respect – Responses of “yes, sir”, “no, sir”, “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am” are expected in class, at home, and everywhere else.

All members will remove their shoes before entering the Academy practice deck, lining them up neatly, with socks inside, with toes to the wall or cabinets, near the entrance.

Use of karate techniques in an inappropriate manner inside or outside of the school can result in suspension or expulsion from Arnold Martial Arts.

Always be well-mannered and behave properly. Good etiquette (behavior) is essential at all times. Conduct yourself as a young lady or gentlemen, both in the class and outside.

Show proper effort and spirit during class. The reward is how much better you will do both in class and on the test.


During class, karate is your only concern. Talking during class, inattention to the instructor or practicing anything else is disrespectful.

Be a Leader! Students should always be helpful and courteous to the lower ranks. They are watching your example!

Develop and maintain a positive, well-disciplined attitude. Bring your best black belt attitude with you to class, and leave all negative attitudes and behaviors outside the door. (If you really want them back, you can pick them up on the way out.)

No food, candy or gum allowed during class.

Students should remove all jewelry before class, for their own safety and that of others. (No earrings, necklaces or other jewelry that can snag or cause injury.)

No muscle-t’s allowed; t-shirts with sleeves are allowed. Tuck t-shirts in for a neat appearance.

Students must be neat in appearance, finger nails and toe nails should be cut short. A clean uniform shows a good Black Belt attitude!

If you need to leave the class for any reason (a bathroom break, water, or any early dismissal) you must ask permission.

No talking during class. You are here to Listen and Learn.

Any student behaving in a disrespectful or dangerous manner will be asked to leave the floor. No profanity or abusive language will be allowed in the dojo. Loss of temper or bad language will not be tolerated for any reason.

Please, no communication between student and parent or any other individual during classes. The instructor needs your undivided attention while class is in session.

Practice, stretch, and exercise at home for better results. Remember that Black Belt means excellence in EVERYTHING that you do. Black Belt Focus means you are paying close attention to someone and thinking about what they are saying, Black Belt Eyes means that you are looking at who is talking and watching closely. Black Belt Ears means that you are listening very well. Do not just do something to get it done. Do it to the BEST of your abilities, paying special attention to doing it right the first time (don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, after all, a Black Belt would)…take pride in what you are saying and doing…do it like a Black Belt would do it!

A Special Note to Parents…In accordance with the principles of discipline and respect that we strive to teach and maintain, Arnold Martial Arts would like your support in helping to get students to class on time. It is preferred that students arrive about 5 – 10 minutes before the start of their class. Arriving to class late can be disruptive to a class already in session, as well as confusing to your child when learning new material. In addition, missing the warm-up portion of the class can increase your child’s risk for an injury. Parents and other family members are always welcome to observe every class. Please, no communication between student and parent or any other individual during classes. The instructor needs your child’s undivided attention while class is in session. Small children in the area should be supervised, and not allowed to climb, run around, or play loudly. Belt Tests are quarterly, at the end of every three months, with very few exceptions. Students are expected to perform each technique learned during the course of the session, individually. Each belt test (except the Black Belt with White Stripe {$40} and Solid Black Belt{$60}) is a $10 fee for the belt and certificate payable to the instructor immediately before or after the test.

Word-of-mouth is quite often the best form of advertising. Have a compliment? Share it with others! (Bring a friend or family member) Have a complaint? Share it with the instructor or another Top Flight Staff member. (The biggest room in the universe is room for improvement!)